SpottyPeach Inc spealizes in Online Retail Brand Management. Enforcing MAP, performing retail transfromation online for your business.





We are online retailer with significant expertise in the Amazon Marketplace, that adds value beyond just buying and selling of products. 55 percent of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon.

We execute strategies that more people viewing your products, purchasing your products.

We are a Partner who shares your brand’s vision buy ensuring that our interests are 100% aligned!

SpottyPeach Inc. Strategy


We analyze your brand online and build out customized campaigns that fit your needs based on real analytics.

SpottyPeach Inc. Advertising


Our Pay-Per-Click advertising will drive traffic to your product listings everywhere online we carry your products.

SpottyPeach Inc. SEO


Traffic from PPC & the increased conversions from our strategy campaigns will boost your SEO on Google and Amazon.




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Retail Transformation

Online retail business is booming. Take your brick and mortar to the next level with an online strategy to increase your sales while your store is closed.

Mobile Optimization

Over 50% of products sold on Amazon are purchased using a Mobile Device. We target customers that buy with a mobile device like iPhones and iPads. Are your Amazon Sellers focusing on Online Sales? 

Enhanced Content

Optimization is everything in the eCommerce world…and we have you covered. We can optimize your listings across multiple platforms with our in-house staff capable of professional product photography, photo editing and our years of experience for writing copy that converts.

Brand Control

Tried of unauthorized sellers and MAP breakers carrying your product? Not only do we strictly adhere to all MAP pricing agreements, we work with you and teach you our proprietary methods for eliminating offenders from your listings on marketplaces like Amazon.